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On! On! We Go.We are on the right track. As we develop the concerned citizens web application, we should be addressinng not just solve as you go, instead, let's address standardation, integration, scalability and accessibility focusing on our business goals and visions. The product is the support. We need all the diffrerent teams input. So, let have the sample page rolling and come up with something professional.

Please forgive the typo because I am just rushing to get on the road.









These content boxes are manipulable in anyway. My third party app used to develop these sample can deliver class and accessibility. Hon Mulabah and Bindu, What do you think. Your ideas and talents can support the development of advance product. Let's try to build something durable and sustainable.

Citzens Petition

Do We know how our feel? Can we let them get away because they the big corporation? I think we should say no now and no at anytime if not done right.